Cynthia’s Diary – January 18 – 19, 1942

Sunday 18th January

Charles and Gordon came early.  I had tried to get through on the phone 4 times.  Had snow fight.  Had dinner with Dorothy.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Charles gave me back his ring.  Thinks he might marry me.  I don’t think I will though.  They did not leave till late.  Had lots of fun.  They had to walk home nine or ten miles.  Poor devils.


Monday 19th January

Phoned Charles, but he was out on a convoy.  Phoned Bob lunch time, busy with C.O.  But in evening said he would come over!  Arrived about 8:30 with Doug and Ted two officers, also corporal and Ken.  Had whisky.  Went ride nearly to Brighton in staff car.  Sat on bombs and explosives.  Real snow blizzard.  Bob sulked.  I felt sick.  Did not go home until about 12:30.

Bob and I were supposed to announce our engagement tomorrow.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 16 – 17, 1942

Friday 16th January

Was going to movies, but too late, good job I did not go, because Darling Bob came, went to Cranley Hotel.  All a little tipsy.  Had bottle of whisky.  Bob gave me his gloves.  Dorothy a little annoyed!  A woman drew a picture of me.  She may do another one tomorrow.  Ivan came with Bob.  He is Swedish really.  Had quite a nice time.  Bob is rather silly at times. —–


Saturday 17th January

Went to Guildford, bought corduroy slacks, saw Ivan, he did not see me.  Went to dance in evening with Charles.  He got jealous of Naughty Charles and started sulking.  Naughty Charles said I’ve got yoomp! (oomys)???  Boys shone spotlight on me.  Yippee.  Quite a good dance.  Dorothy stayed home with Gordon.  Saw lots of Canadians I know Harold, Ally, Ken etc.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 14 – 15, 1942

Wednesday 14th January

The snow is about 6 inches deep!  Charles and Gordon came!  We went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Snowballed each other.  I sat in middle of road.  Gatecrashed into village hall.  Danced!   Saw naughty Charles, Fanny??, Cliff etc.  Joked.  Lights went out.  Lorry went without them.  Had supper, went walk.  They borrowed my bike.  I’ll be lucky if I see it again!  They are going to camouflage it.  Say’s them . . . . . . . .

Thursday 15th January

Did not do much today.  Phoned Charles.  Ginger answered, tried to make a date, they all do.  It appeared that there was a dance up at Headquarters.  And they did not call for us.  There seems to be some fishy work going on.  Dorothy phoned Gordon.  I spoke.  It seems my bike just “Isn’t”.  Hope they can put it together.  Mummy etc. went to pictures.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 12 – 13, 1942

Monday 12th January

Freezing cold today.  Phoned Charles and Gordon with Dorothy.  Were not there.  Started snowing, spoke to Harold and Milton.  When we got back G and C were there.  Came by motor bike.  Did not go till about 1 o’clock.  Went in Dorothy’s a bit.  Mummy, Daddy etc. went to pictures.  I may go tomorrow.  I hear it’s a good film!!  The snow keeps snowing.


Tuesday 13th January

Had letter from Ivan, rather disappointing!  Went to pictures saw The Land Sisters in “Four Mothers”, also Lynn Barrie, Lloyd Nolan in Charter Pilot.  Phoned Charles.  Ken, Milton and crowd were there cracking jokes, also about Renee!!  Boy they are terrific!  Charles is coming tomorrow.  The snow is getting thicker.  The film was good.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 10 – 11, 1942

Saturday 10th January

Went to Guildford.  Had new coat.  Saw Ivan.  Rather disappointed.  Had cream cakes and tea at buffet.  Went to dance, Daddy treated us.  Went to “3 Horsehoes”.  Good dance.  Naughty Charles danced with me,  jealousy……. Lights went out in waltz.  Danced with Harold etc.  Saw some Satchel Court ((Sachel Court had been a large estate where Cynthia had taken pictures of the wealthy going on hunts with the hounds. It had been taken over by the “Union of Seamen” at some point, during the war. The Sachel Court girls must have been girls that worked there.)) girls.  Did not go to bed till late.  Saw Ally, John L. etc.  Had fun.


Sunday 11th January

Got up early.  Bob did not come.  Phoned.  He said he had been to Aldershot.  But would come about five.  But he didn’t .  Phoned Charles twice.  Also Cliff.  What a laugh.  Mummy, Daddy etc. went to Auntie Pat’s!  Was I disappointed that Bob did not come.  I could have gone to the pictures.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 8 – 9, 1942

Thursday 8th January

Tried to phone Bob, but could get only exchange.  Phoned Charles and Gordon.  Supposed to come over, but did not.  Went in Dorothy’s.  Ate chocs, read books.  Had supper with her.  Mummy, Pamela, Daddy ((Daddy is “Horace Charles Edwards”, Cynthia’s father)) and Wendy went to pictures.  I may go tonight.  Although it’s hard to get in to see it.  I wonder what happened to Charles and Gordon.


Friday 9th January

Phoned Bob.  He is coming on Sunday.  Maybe we will go up to town.  Phoned Charles and Gordon.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 6 – 7, 1942

Tuesday 6th January

Sent letter to Edna.  Also had letter from her!  Phoned Charles.  Joked about.  The other boys kept shouting they loved me, and I had a lovely voice etc.  Dorothy came with me!  Evidently Gordon had waited in all the evening in case I phoned!  Charles and the boys may come Thursday evening.   Daddy’s coming tomorrow.


Wednesday 7th January

Had letter from Theresa and Scotty.  ((Scotty is Derek Scott, I think.  He is a former British boyfriend of Cynthia.))  He’s ill and cannot go skating.  I was not going in any case.  I’m through with him!  Bob did not come.  But Charles and Gordon did!  Dorothy went to pictures with Gordon.  I went to dance with Charles.  Then they came to our house.  Also Ally, John L., and Harold.  Had chicken etc.  Did not go until late.  Daddy came home.


Cynthia’s Diary – January 4 – 5, 1942

Sunday 4th January

Bob ((Bob is “Robert Burns Cameron” with the Royal Canadian Engineers, from Halifax, Nova Scotia.)) did not come after all.  Very disappointed!  Phoned Charles twice.  Boys fooled about.  Wrote letters.  R.C.A.S.C.  Boys cannot come tonight.  May come tomorrow.  Took dog a walk, saw several people I know.  Did a bit of sewing.  Got a bit fed up.  The night was dark and dreary!!


Monday 5th January

Phoned Bob.  He’s coming Wednesday.  It was good to hear his voice.  Did not go anywhere.  When I pressed button, I got 4d instead of 2d.  The weather is awfully cold.  Charles and Gordon ((Gordon is a soldier who is quite friendly with Dorothy.)) came I think.  Had quite a nice time.

Cynthia’s Diary – January 2 – 3, 1942

Friday 2nd January

Charles came in truck.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel for drinks.  Saw Bert and George in there.  Saw Frenchman who owns hotel.  Went a ride.  Not bad.  Dorothy ((Dorothy Celius was a friend.  Billie, Cynthia, Pam and Wendy rented “the old schoolhouse” from her and that is how they met.  The schoolhouse was on her property behind her house.  Her husband Geoffrey (Jeff) Celius was in the army or navy, and was overseas.  She had two children.)) came in for a bit.  Had a bit of dance.  Talked etc.  Charles had a few photographs of me.  And gave me one of himself!

Also he gave Pamela his brothers address to write.  How thrilling.


Saturday 3rd January

Went to Guildford.  Saw Ivan.  Bought me book, candy etc.  Went to Lyons for supper.  Also had drink.  He was very disappointed I could not stay.  Talked to soldier.  When I got back Charles ((Charles is probably Canadian Charles Omar Bartlett,  from New Brunswick.)) and Gordon were there.  Bob and a captain had been.  May phone Bob.  Had quite good fun did not go to dance.  Charles not very well.  Lay down.  Charles phoned me.  Had letter off Gwenda.


Cynthia’s Diary – December 30, 1941 – January 1, 1942

1942 Collins Pocket Diary

On Wednesday, evidently, Bob was on his way over here in the evening, but he ran another soldier over and killed him.  His name was Jock Hersham.  He had just got another stripe that evening.  Maybe I shouldn’t have asked Bob to come to the dance!!

Tuesday 30th  December

Bob came.  Went and had drinks.  Then back home, danced etc.  Did not leave till late.  Am going out Sunday with him.  Gave me his identity disc.

Wednesday 31st December

Bob came today, but I was at the office.  Said he may go to dance, but didn’t.

Thursday 1st January

Went to Cranleigh College dance.  Scotty came, also Charles and Naughty Charles, Gordon, Harold, Ally, John L. Cliff and the rest.  Had lots whisky.  Met lots including Roy.  Kissed lots. Got lost in truck on hills.  Had bit of party.  Charles lent me his college ring.  Supposed to meet me today.  Did not come.  Rather disappointed.  Think I’ll phone him tonight.  Did not go to bed till late last night.  5:30 a.m.