Cynthia’s Diary – May 2 – 3, 1942

Saturday 2nd May

Charles stayed at Dots.  Met his Regimental Sergeant Majors.  Bob did not phone, but came for helmet etc., while I was at the office.  Did not leave message!!  Maybe someone said something.  Daddy came home on leave.  Bought two records.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel, got off with soldier.  Went to Three Horseshoes.  All sold out quite early.  As most of the English are going abroad and celebrating first.  Charles came.  Paid for me at dance.  Got off with officer.

Sunday 3rd May

Charles went back before 12 o’clock.  Mummy and Daddy, Pamela & Pat went to movies.  Robbie called to see if I’d go a ride with him.  Saw Don and Tommy.  Went on Bike to Rudgwick.  Charles bought me ice also bought another.  Went walk.  Had a bit of his supper.  Saw Roy, spoke, saw naughty Charles.  A Canadian rode home with me.  Joan introduced me to her mother.  Met Tony and Margie.  Went to have drink, but all places closed.  They came home to supper.  Had rather a good time.  Did not leave till late.

Cynthia’s Diary – April 30 – May 1, 1942

Thursday 30th April

Met Goldie and some others.  Went to office on Bus.  Went to movies.  Saw “China Seas” with Clark Gable, Rosalind Russell and Jean Harlow.  About 12/30 p.m. I was awakened by a knocking at door.  It was Bob.  He’d had an accident on the Colonel’s motor bike at a place near Ewhurst.  It’s a wonder he didn’t get killed.  Mummy sewed his trousers.  He was coming to see me all the way from Eastbourne.  He may come Tuesday with Ian and he may phone me Saturday, as I might go to London.  I hope he doesn’t get into trouble.

Friday 1st May

Bob phoned for truck, or rather staff car.  He left his helmet, gloves etc. behind.  Did not go out in the evening, but did the ironing.


Cynthia’s Diary – April 28 – 29, 1942

Tuesday 28th April

Did not go anywhere much.  Phoned Charles, but he was not there.  He had gone to Horsham.  Talked long time to Jean and Betty.  Did a bit of washing and tidying drawers up etc.  Think I will go to Rudgwick instead of meeting Nic tomorrow.  Have not heard from Bob.  The mean thing he said he would phone.

Wednesday 29th April

Phoned Charles but could not get him.  Went to Rudgwick on bike with Dorothy.  Gordon was busy working with Ray Kay.  Charles was playing cards.  Went to Queen’s Head, had Brandy and draft stout.  Had several offers of drinks.  Charles and Gordon rode bikes home.  Dot sat on crossbar, I sat on saddle!  Did not get home till late.  Charles and Gordon rode back on our bikes.  Had supper at Dorothy’s.  They went about 2:15 a.m.

Cynthia’s Diary – April 26 – 27, 1942

Sunday 26th April

Sang.  Charles played piano.  Charles came, took photos.  Went to Rudgwick on bus.  Saw Naughty Charles.  Met Gordon.  All the boys kept joking etc.  Dorothy came.  Went to Queens Head.  Went to house, also in ambulances.  Went and had cake, bread and jam and tea with salt-peter in it at the house in the Transport Office.  Did not leave till about 12:15 a.m.  Gordon cycled little way.  Showed me garage.  Enjoyed ourselves.

Monday 27th April

Went to movies saw Tyrone Power in “Yank in the R.A.F.”  Went in half crown seats.  Also saw “South Panama”.  Tyrone Power reminds me of Bob in his ways.  Soldier walked along with me.  Went to fish and chip shop.  Closed.  Canadian chased me.  Tried to find out where I lived.  Also English soldier.

Cynthia’s Diary – April 24 – 25, 1942

Friday 24th April

Went to movies saw “Parachute Battalion” with Richard Cromwell.  Very good.  Saw John.  Did not invite him in.  He’s on 48 hours leave.  Saw Margie.  Saw lots of soldiers I know.  Movies do not finish till about ten o’clock now.  Think I’ll send for Richard Cromwell’s autograph!!


Saturday 25th April

Went to dance.  Saw Margie.  Talked to Bob and Bill at garage.  Danced mostly with Charles.  Arranged to see Nic Wednesday.  Charles came home with me.  Went home on my bike at about 2:30 a.m.  Tommy came had supper also Dorothy.  Charles is coming tomorrow.


Cynthia’s Diary – April 20 – 21, 1942

Monday 20th April

Went to pictures with George and John saw “Appointment for Love” with Charles Boyer also Richard Arlen in “Black Diamonds”.  They came home.  John brought my film from Tony.  They did not leave till late.  Argued about which is the best engine in the world.  They say Oldsmobile.  We say Rolls Royce.  George is a little sloppy at times.


Tuesday 21st April

Bob did not come after all.  Saw Robbie and Jonnie two staff sargeants.  Went ride to Baynards Park.  Saw Lake.  Lovely.  Got back quite early.  Went with Robbie alone to lake.  He kissed me a few times.


Cynthia’s Diary – April 18 – 19, 1942

Saturday 18th April

Saw Tony and Margie.  She likes me.  Saw Earl and Vincent.  Bob phoned yesterday.  Came today.  Went drive in staff car.  Sven stayed to tea.  Bob’s coming on Tuesday.  Went to dance.  John took me.  Buck (Charles) came for weekend Cranleigh.  Dot and Gordy came to Cranleigh Hotel.  Saw Mr. Renny and sister.  Charles was at dance.  Waited for truck with him.  Mummy quarreled with him.  Buck, John and him nearly had fight.  Buck stayed supper.  Charles may meet me Wednesday.  Danced a lot with him.


Sunday 19th April

Buck came said he can’t go to movies with me.  Saw Earl and friend;  did not go to movies with him or Vincent.  John, Fred McMurray and George came.  Went had drink at Cranleigh Hotel.  Jean and mother there.  Danced.  Saw lots I know;  saw my sergeant major.  Saw Robbie.  He apologized for not taking me to movies, but maybe we’ll try again sometime.  Boys did not go until late.  Went to Three Horseshoes.

Cynthia’s Diary – April 16 – 17, 1942

Thursday 16th April

Date with Nic.  Had to get shopping for Mr. Lindner.  Met officer, Bill etc.  Nic did not come.  Truck did not come.  Went to concert at Village Hall. Very good.  John came and sat by me.  Saw Wally and lots more boys I know.  John kept talking.  He seems to be around here every day.

Friday 17th April

Went to movies saw “The Common Touch” with Greta Gint also “Private Nurse”.  Went by myself, I think, or maybe I went with John.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  John came home.  Could not get rid of him.  I’m just about fed up with him.

Cynthia’s Diary – April 14 – 15, 1942

Tuesday 14th April

Got up early.  Went to London.  Went to Corner House.  Went to High Court of Justice.  Court adjourned from 11 o’clock till tomorrow.  Had lunch at A.B.C.  Went around city could not get in any movies or shows.  Saw one or two people.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel in evening.  Got a little merry.  John and Gordon came.  That little squirt will follow me around.

Wednesday 15th April

Went to London again.  Court was on all day.  Had lunch at A.B.C.  Went to two corner houses.  Listened to orchestra.  Got off with Australian R.A.F. officers.  Went to “Daily Mirror Dorland Hall” exhibition.  Very good.  Bob came yesterday.  Dot had drink with him.  Was I wild.  Went in Milk Bar.

Cynthia’s Diary – April 12 – 13, 1942

Sunday 12th April

Tony came in the morning.  Brought cigs for Billie, Choc. for Pam.  Took lots of photos, went for walk.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Charles came.  Went for moonlight walk!  Tony showed some card tricks.  Saw John’s father in Cranleigh Hotel.  Charles thinks an awful lot of himself.  I think he’s rather a flirt.

Monday 13th April

Got a date with Kid.  Went to movies with Kid.  Saw Henry Fonda and Joan Bennett in Wild Geese Calling.  Also some other film.  Saw lots of soldiers I know!  Kid’s not bad.  John came.  Dot and Billie made me say goodnight to him!  He’s definitely not my type.  Chatter-box.