Cynthia’s Diary – April 12 – 13, 1942

Sunday 12th April

Tony came in the morning.  Brought cigs for Billie, Choc. for Pam.  Took lots of photos, went for walk.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Charles came.  Went for moonlight walk!  Tony showed some card tricks.  Saw John’s father in Cranleigh Hotel.  Charles thinks an awful lot of himself.  I think he’s rather a flirt.

Monday 13th April

Got a date with Kid.  Went to movies with Kid.  Saw Henry Fonda and Joan Bennett in Wild Geese Calling.  Also some other film.  Saw lots of soldiers I know!  Kid’s not bad.  John came.  Dot and Billie made me say goodnight to him!  He’s definitely not my type.  Chatter-box.

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