Cynthia’s Diary – April 10 – 11, 1942

Friday 10th April

Went to movies with George.  Saw “Moon over Miami”.  He came home with me.  Tried to teach me the Conga, taught me new step.  He’s not bad.  Kissed me!  Supposed to see him at dance.  He is 20 years old.  Very good singer.  Wants to be my regular boy friend.  But of course it’s out of the question.

Saturday 11th April

Danced a lot with Charles!  Went to dance with John.  Talked in afternoon to John and Bill in High Street.  They came to tea!!  About 1:30 Bob came in car.  Stayed couple of hours, he’s getting leave soon.  Fred(Bill) got jealous, also George did.  Had talk.  Told him I liked Bob.  Kissed me.  Tony kept fooling kissing.  Also Nic.  Supposed to see Nic Thursday.  Tony and Bill came home.  Had wonderful time at dance.  John rather annoyed.

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