Cynthia’s Diary – April 28 – 29, 1942

Tuesday 28th April

Did not go anywhere much.  Phoned Charles, but he was not there.  He had gone to Horsham.  Talked long time to Jean and Betty.  Did a bit of washing and tidying drawers up etc.  Think I will go to Rudgwick instead of meeting Nic tomorrow.  Have not heard from Bob.  The mean thing he said he would phone.

Wednesday 29th April

Phoned Charles but could not get him.  Went to Rudgwick on bike with Dorothy.  Gordon was busy working with Ray Kay.  Charles was playing cards.  Went to Queen’s Head, had Brandy and draft stout.  Had several offers of drinks.  Charles and Gordon rode bikes home.  Dot sat on crossbar, I sat on saddle!  Did not get home till late.  Charles and Gordon rode back on our bikes.  Had supper at Dorothy’s.  They went about 2:15 a.m.

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