Cynthia’s Diary – April 18 – 19, 1942

Saturday 18th April

Saw Tony and Margie.  She likes me.  Saw Earl and Vincent.  Bob phoned yesterday.  Came today.  Went drive in staff car.  Sven stayed to tea.  Bob’s coming on Tuesday.  Went to dance.  John took me.  Buck (Charles) came for weekend Cranleigh.  Dot and Gordy came to Cranleigh Hotel.  Saw Mr. Renny and sister.  Charles was at dance.  Waited for truck with him.  Mummy quarreled with him.  Buck, John and him nearly had fight.  Buck stayed supper.  Charles may meet me Wednesday.  Danced a lot with him.


Sunday 19th April

Buck came said he can’t go to movies with me.  Saw Earl and friend;  did not go to movies with him or Vincent.  John, Fred McMurray and George came.  Went had drink at Cranleigh Hotel.  Jean and mother there.  Danced.  Saw lots I know;  saw my sergeant major.  Saw Robbie.  He apologized for not taking me to movies, but maybe we’ll try again sometime.  Boys did not go until late.  Went to Three Horseshoes.

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