Cynthia’s Diary – January 6 – 7, 1942

Tuesday 6th January

Sent letter to Edna.  Also had letter from her!  Phoned Charles.  Joked about.  The other boys kept shouting they loved me, and I had a lovely voice etc.  Dorothy came with me!  Evidently Gordon had waited in all the evening in case I phoned!  Charles and the boys may come Thursday evening.   Daddy’s coming tomorrow.


Wednesday 7th January

Had letter from Theresa and Scotty.  ((Scotty is Derek Scott, I think.  He is a former British boyfriend of Cynthia.))  He’s ill and cannot go skating.  I was not going in any case.  I’m through with him!  Bob did not come.  But Charles and Gordon did!  Dorothy went to pictures with Gordon.  I went to dance with Charles.  Then they came to our house.  Also Ally, John L., and Harold.  Had chicken etc.  Did not go until late.  Daddy came home.


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