Cynthia’s Diary – January 12 – 13, 1942

Monday 12th January

Freezing cold today.  Phoned Charles and Gordon with Dorothy.  Were not there.  Started snowing, spoke to Harold and Milton.  When we got back G and C were there.  Came by motor bike.  Did not go till about 1 o’clock.  Went in Dorothy’s a bit.  Mummy, Daddy etc. went to pictures.  I may go tomorrow.  I hear it’s a good film!!  The snow keeps snowing.


Tuesday 13th January

Had letter from Ivan, rather disappointing!  Went to pictures saw The Land Sisters in “Four Mothers”, also Lynn Barrie, Lloyd Nolan in Charter Pilot.  Phoned Charles.  Ken, Milton and crowd were there cracking jokes, also about Renee!!  Boy they are terrific!  Charles is coming tomorrow.  The snow is getting thicker.  The film was good.

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