Cynthia’s Diary – January 14 – 15, 1942

Wednesday 14th January

The snow is about 6 inches deep!  Charles and Gordon came!  We went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Snowballed each other.  I sat in middle of road.  Gatecrashed into village hall.  Danced!   Saw naughty Charles, Fanny??, Cliff etc.  Joked.  Lights went out.  Lorry went without them.  Had supper, went walk.  They borrowed my bike.  I’ll be lucky if I see it again!  They are going to camouflage it.  Say’s them . . . . . . . .

Thursday 15th January

Did not do much today.  Phoned Charles.  Ginger answered, tried to make a date, they all do.  It appeared that there was a dance up at Headquarters.  And they did not call for us.  There seems to be some fishy work going on.  Dorothy phoned Gordon.  I spoke.  It seems my bike just “Isn’t”.  Hope they can put it together.  Mummy etc. went to pictures.

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