Cynthia’s Diary – January 16 – 17, 1942

Friday 16th January

Was going to movies, but too late, good job I did not go, because Darling Bob came, went to Cranley Hotel.  All a little tipsy.  Had bottle of whisky.  Bob gave me his gloves.  Dorothy a little annoyed!  A woman drew a picture of me.  She may do another one tomorrow.  Ivan came with Bob.  He is Swedish really.  Had quite a nice time.  Bob is rather silly at times. —–


Saturday 17th January

Went to Guildford, bought corduroy slacks, saw Ivan, he did not see me.  Went to dance in evening with Charles.  He got jealous of Naughty Charles and started sulking.  Naughty Charles said I’ve got yoomp! (oomys)???  Boys shone spotlight on me.  Yippee.  Quite a good dance.  Dorothy stayed home with Gordon.  Saw lots of Canadians I know Harold, Ally, Ken etc.

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