Cynthia’s Diary – January 18 – 19, 1942

Sunday 18th January

Charles and Gordon came early.  I had tried to get through on the phone 4 times.  Had snow fight.  Had dinner with Dorothy.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Charles gave me back his ring.  Thinks he might marry me.  I don’t think I will though.  They did not leave till late.  Had lots of fun.  They had to walk home nine or ten miles.  Poor devils.


Monday 19th January

Phoned Charles, but he was out on a convoy.  Phoned Bob lunch time, busy with C.O.  But in evening said he would come over!  Arrived about 8:30 with Doug and Ted two officers, also corporal and Ken.  Had whisky.  Went ride nearly to Brighton in staff car.  Sat on bombs and explosives.  Real snow blizzard.  Bob sulked.  I felt sick.  Did not go home until about 12:30.

Bob and I were supposed to announce our engagement tomorrow.

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