Cynthia’s Diary – January 2 – 3, 1942

Friday 2nd January

Charles came in truck.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel for drinks.  Saw Bert and George in there.  Saw Frenchman who owns hotel.  Went a ride.  Not bad.  Dorothy ((Dorothy Celius was a friend.  Billie, Cynthia, Pam and Wendy rented “the old schoolhouse” from her and that is how they met.  The schoolhouse was on her property behind her house.  Her husband Geoffrey (Jeff) Celius was in the army or navy, and was overseas.  She had two children.)) came in for a bit.  Had a bit of dance.  Talked etc.  Charles had a few photographs of me.  And gave me one of himself!

Also he gave Pamela his brothers address to write.  How thrilling.


Saturday 3rd January

Went to Guildford.  Saw Ivan.  Bought me book, candy etc.  Went to Lyons for supper.  Also had drink.  He was very disappointed I could not stay.  Talked to soldier.  When I got back Charles ((Charles is probably Canadian Charles Omar Bartlett,  from New Brunswick.)) and Gordon were there.  Bob and a captain had been.  May phone Bob.  Had quite good fun did not go to dance.  Charles not very well.  Lay down.  Charles phoned me.  Had letter off Gwenda.


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