Cynthia’s Diary – December 30, 1941 – January 1, 1942

1942 Collins Pocket Diary

On Wednesday, evidently, Bob was on his way over here in the evening, but he ran another soldier over and killed him.  His name was Jock Hersham.  He had just got another stripe that evening.  Maybe I shouldn’t have asked Bob to come to the dance!!

Tuesday 30th  December

Bob came.  Went and had drinks.  Then back home, danced etc.  Did not leave till late.  Am going out Sunday with him.  Gave me his identity disc.

Wednesday 31st December

Bob came today, but I was at the office.  Said he may go to dance, but didn’t.

Thursday 1st January

Went to Cranleigh College dance.  Scotty came, also Charles and Naughty Charles, Gordon, Harold, Ally, John L. Cliff and the rest.  Had lots whisky.  Met lots including Roy.  Kissed lots. Got lost in truck on hills.  Had bit of party.  Charles lent me his college ring.  Supposed to meet me today.  Did not come.  Rather disappointed.  Think I’ll phone him tonight.  Did not go to bed till late last night.  5:30 a.m.

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