Cynthia’s Diary – February 13 – 14, 1942

Friday 13th February

Did not go out.  Charles came, he’s got seven days C.B., because he did not go on parade, broke out of barracks, in coal truck.  Went with him down the road to get truck.  Had phoned earlier and spoken to Harold etc.  Charles won’t go to dance.


Saturday 14th February

Walked around village.  Charles came for few minutes in afternoon.  Went to dance.  Milton said Charles’ C.B. was a frame-up, because they got jealous of me!!  Danced a lot with Naughty Charles.  Met Bill Scotch Canadian, he brought me home, gave me photo.  Is going to write.  Charles and Kit came while I was at dance.  Spoke to sergeant major about Charles.

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