Cynthia’s Diary – February 11 – 12, 1942

Wednesday 11th February

Phoned Charles, but he was not there.  Spoke to Harold.  Looked in at dance.  Not too bad, no one in particular there so did not go, anyhow I’m broke.  Saw Len etc.  Did not go anywhere else.  Bit fed up.  Went to bed early.  9:30. Maybe I’ll go to the pictures tomorrow.  Have not been for some time.


Thursday 12th February

Phoned Charles.  Spoke quite long time, spoke to Fannie.  Saw Don the American filmstar.  Did not go to movies after all.  Just stayed in went to bed early.  Charles may not come to dance on Saturday.  He may be on duty.  Will phone him tomorrow.  Have not heard from Bob.

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