Cynthia’s Diary – February 9 – 10, 1942

Monday 9th February

Spoke to lots of Canadians.  Did not do much today.  Had to walk to work as Charles has got my bike.  Naughty Charles had a smash the other day has got to be court-marshalled.  He once ran a man over and killed him.  Did not go out .  Listened to Canadian news on the radio.  The snow is clearing away now.  Saw Wally.


Tuesday 10th February

Went to Canadian invitation dance.  Charles brought bike back, gave me Canadian pad-lock.  Saw and danced with Naughty Charles.  Nic gave me cigarette.  Pamela danced with Sammy.  Saw Harold he came rund to house.  Went to Three Horshoes.  Danced with lots of boys.  Doris and Margie were there.  Also Colonel and Captain.  Good dance.  Enjoyed. Billie seemed annoyed.

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