Cynthia’s Diary – February 7 – 8, 1942

Saturday 7th February

Did not go to Guildford after all.  Charles came about 3:30 p.m.  Had bath.  Water cold.  Charles brought chocolates and pickles.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Officers spoke.  Went to dance, saw Nic.  Danced with him.  Billie met Sammy.  Brought him home.  Charles stayed.  Naughty Charles did not come.  Lights went out in waltz.


Sunday 8th February

Charles came about 3:00 p.m.  Gordon came later.  Had tea.  Fooled around danced.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Harold came.  Gave me chewing gum.  They missed truck.  Gordon walked.  Charles cycled.  He seemed very tired.  Dorothy sat with Little Gordon for a bit, and sort of cheered him up.

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