Cynthia’s Diary February 15 – 16, 1942

Sunday 15th  February

Phoned Charles few times, but he was not there, spoke to others.  He came later with Kil.  Went to Cranley Hotel with them and Dot and Gordon.  Danced etc.  Met Staff sergeant.  Did not go to bed till about 3 o’clock.  I rather like Kim.  He kissed me.  Saw Jonny Ford, he’s from Chicago.  Crazy about me.


Monday 16th February

Phoned Charles, he was not there.  Had conversation with corporal Ron.  Went to bed 10 o’clock, just read book.  Did not do much.  Jeff’s home on leave.  Ron says he’s twenty, 6 foot tall and a corporal.  Wants me to find girl friend.  Did not go to their dance at Ewhurst.

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