Cynthia’s Diary – February 17 – 18, 1942


Tuesday 17th February

Tuesday evening phoned Charles, spoke to Ken Wyman, also Naughty Charles pretended he was Charles.   Charles came.  Stayed till just after 11 o’clock.  Saw some of boys, also John L.  Charles got into trouble about me addressing Valentines card to Rugdwick.  But Sergeant Major gave it to him because he knows me.


Wednesday 18th February

Had to go down village to get letter etc.  Saw Harold in staff car.  Also Eric Hibbs in van, and officers etc.  Also kept tooting horns in cars!!  Went to movies saw Jane Withers in “A Very Young Lady”, also Caesar Romero in “Tall Dark Handsome”.  Saw Bob and officers.  Went looked at dance saw Harold and John L.  Saw some of the girls etc.

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