Cynthia’s Diary – February 19 – 20, 1942

Thursday 19th February

Charles came.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Saw Naughty Charles and Eve.  Went to Canadian invitation dance.  Colonel Lyons bought us coffee and cake.  Danced with officers.  Had quite nice time.  Saw Milton.  Went to Rudgwick in truck with Charles, to take others home.  Zoomed along.   It’s great fun riding in trucks.


Friday 20th February

Went to movies.  Saw Deanna Durbin in “It Started With Eve”.  Also “Six Lesssons from Madam Lazonga”.  Went 1/10 seats.  Went to fish and chip shop.  Saw Jonny Ford.  Talked to me lots.  When I went I heard them talking about me.  Went to bed quite early.  There is dance tomorrow.

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