Cynthia’s Diary – June 16 – 29, 1946


16 Sunday

Awoke about 5 a.m. to children crying.  Watched scenery.  Went to sleep.  Had corn flakes, bacon and egg and toast.  Got off at Cambletown for walk.  Also at Mont Joli.  Bought cokes from super café.  Took photos.  Had salad, ice cream for dinner etc.  Went to sleep.

17 Monday

Johnny’s and my second Wedding Anniversary.  Arrived Belleville 5 a.m.  Johnny and Gordon waiting for me.  70 miles in car.  Had flat tire.  Another couple came with us.  Met Thelma and children.  Drove to town.

18 Tuesday

Johnny gave me anniversary presents of stockings, and Red Chenille house coat.  Bought me slacks, dress, etc.  Drove 310 miles to Sudbury.  Had drinks etc. on way.

19 Wednesday

Pamela’s 18th Birthday.  Met Duke, Marie, Ma and Pa Jenkins, Rae, Paul, Ellen, Phil etc.  Had a party ‘till 6 o’clock in morning for me.  Met dozens of people.  Did square dances to orchestra.

20 Thursday

Had table full of presents.  Beer, wine.  Wonderful food, chicken also Wedding cake.  Went to Phil and Ellen’s to supper.  Went drive round Sudbury.

21 Friday

Bought me pickled egg.  Put sugar on by mistake.  Couldn’t eat it.  They laughed.  Had Hen party shower for me  Lots more presents.  Also wine.  Played bingo won 4 times.  Went to Ma Jenkin’s for supper.

22 Saturday

Drove to Lake Penage.  Mr. and Mrs. Whithead’s Lodge.  Mad at John for going on Lake for 2 ½ hours with girls.  Saw house where Dionne Quints born.  Also lovely house they now live in.

23 Sunday

Drove back from Sudbury.  Could not carry my presents.  Just clock off Jenkins.  Had to leave bouquet behind.  Stopped at Callendar.  Met more Dowdalls including Johnny’s half brother.  Had drink in their café.  I was sick on way.  Had flat tire.

24 Monday

Johnny started work again.

25 Tuesday

Insurance man came.  Johnny bought insurance.  Paid $56 first payment.  Drove down town for lime drink.  Bought fish and chips.

26 Wednesday

Drove to canal.  Johnny swam.  I paddled.  Had ice cream.  Also hamburger.  The weather is boiling.

27 Thursday

Had letter from Mummy and Phyllis.  Wrote letters.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m in Canada.  Johnny worked ‘till 11 o’clock on car.  Top fell on his arm.

28 Friday

Rode down got bread with Thelma, Johnny.  Gave me $2 to do some shopping.  Bought pound cherries.

29 Saturday

All went to town to do shopping.  Bought Wendy dress.

Cynthia’s Diary – February 10 – 23, 1946


10 Sunday

Maurie came again.  Johnny and I went to Stockland Hotel in evening.  Malcolm wouldn’t come.

11 Monday

Auntie Elsie came into town with us.  Had ice in Lewis.  She went to see old ladies.  We went to see Daddy and Auntie Sis etc.  Then went to show.  Saw “A Thousand and One Nights” at Gaumont.  Had supper and went home after having drinks.

12 Tuesday

Tried to book seats at Hippodrome to see Hot Ice, impossible.  Elsie gave us £1.  Had tea Gaumont, then drinks then went to Stockland for more drinks.

13 WednesdayGaumont Theatre Birmingham

Got up early and caught 9 o’clock train.  Floods had subsided.  Got into London early.  Had drinks in Bear and Staff.  Lots of stage and screen people in there.

14 Thursday

Went to Leicester Square Theatre.  Saw George Brent in The Spiral Staircase.  Had lunch etc.  Got train 5:30 to Guildford.  Had drinks and supper.  Went to Onslow, then to show.  Saw Humphrey Bogart in Conflict.  I was sick.

15 Friday

Went to show.  It’s nice having Johnny around the house.  Hand still in bandage.

16 Saturday

Did not go to dance.  Had drink at 3 Horseshoes.  No fish and chips.

17 Sunday

Did not go to show as I’d seen one of the films.  Johnny took photo of me in the Garden.  Left on last bus.

18 Monday

Johnny came round, brought Ace.  Elaine came too.  Had supper then, curse it, he had to go back to camp, as he has to go up to the Hospital early about hand.

19 Tuesday

Went to Ewhurst with Wendy to watch her dancing.  While I was out, Johnny phoned, the poor darling’s hand is broken, so he has to go to the hospital and probably won’t get down for a few days, Oh! Gosh!  I feel like crying.  Gee, I miss him terribly and love him so very much.  Went shopping.  Had headache.  Edna phoned.  Coming 2nd March.  Ace phoned.  Coming Saturday.

20 Wednesday

Johnny phoned.  Promised I’d go and see him tomorrow.  Mummy and Pamela found out about the baby.

22 Friday

Went to Guildford 12 o’clock.  Had cup tea, caught 1:15 bus to Bramshott Hospital.  At last found Johnny.  Film on Weekend at Waldorf.  Felt faint.  Johnny got me water.  Had super there.  Got home 8 o’clock.

23 Saturday s.r.7.0, s.s.5.28

Johnny got here 2 o’clock.  Had dinner.  Went to show saw Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.  Caught 9:30 bus home.  Ace didn’t come!



Cynthia’s Diary – February 24 – March 9, 1946


24 Sunday

Went got papers.  Went to White Heart and had drink with Johnny.  Wore his hospital blue trousers.  Darling Johnny had to leave 6-50.  Oh gosh!  It was wonderful to have him for a few hours.

25 Monday

26 Tuesday

27 Wednesday

28 Thursday

Johnny has a few days leave till Sunday.  Went to show.

1 March Fri

Johnny came.  Went met Edna in Guildford.  Cecil came in the evening.  Edna’s nice.

2 Sat

Cecil had to go to camp.  We got up to see him off.  Went had drinks in the evening.

3 Sun

Stayed in bed till late.  Boys went and had drink.  Went to White Heart in the evening.

4 Mon

Went to White Heart again.  Got quite merry.  Bought some chips.

5 Tues

Went to doctor Kettlewells.  Edna came with me.  Examined me, but could not tell much.   Have to go to the hospital Thursday.  Met Johnny and Cec in Onslow.

6 Wed

Went to Onslow again.  Cecil thinks he’ll leave Sunday.

7 Thur

Went to Hospital for Internal examination.  Verdict: I’m going to have a baby!! Of course we already knew, and so does everyone else.  Johnny for one couldn’t resist telling everyone weeks ago!!

8 Fri

Went to show.  Saw Hollywood Canteen.  Had ice-cream.  Sent form to Canadian Bureau.

9 Sat  s.r. 6:30,  s.s. 5:53

Cec left for Canada today.  Edna upset.  Johnny came.

Cynthia’s Diary January 27 – February 9, 1946


27  Sunday

Went to show.  Saw George Sanders in “The Moon and Sixpence”.  Had drink at Onslow. Caught 9:30 bus home.  Found 6d.

28 Monday

Did my washing.  Mrs. Tugwel called round about telephone.

 29 Tuesday

Johnny comes home every night now.  It would be so lonely without him, as Daddy is now in Birmingham.  He has a job there.

30 Wednesday

Johnny came, stayed home.

31 Thursday

Made appointment to have hair permed.  Went to show.  Johnny came, saw George Formby in “I didn’t do it”.

1 February, Friday

Had hair permed.  Maria, short style, curls all over 2-7-0.  Johnny came.

 2 Saturday

Johnny came.  We didn’t go out as it was so wet.

 3 Sunday

Rained all day.  So didn’t go out.  Elaine came round.  She and Pamela went to show.

4 Monday

Johnny came, all bruised and with his wrist in agony.  Did best we could.  Didn’t know what to do with it all night.

 5 Tuesday

Johnny came, had been to M.O.  Took ex rays and bound it up in plaster.

6 Wednesday

Johnny came.  He starts his leave tomorrow.

7 Thursday

Went to community centre for dinner.  Johnny’s hand all swollen.  Went to Onslow.  Saw old Rydinghurst gang.

8 Friday

Went to Birmingham.  Arrived 9:30.  Looked around London on way.  Good trains.

 9 Saturday

Malcolm came to Auntie Elsie for weekend.  Also Maurie.  Met Johnny’s friend Cecil Ace and wife, Sylvia at College Arms, Sparkhill.  I was sick, so came home at 10 o’clock.  We could have gone dancing and stayed night with them.

Cynthia’s Diary – Dec 31,1945 – Jan 26, 1946



31 December 1945  Monday

Went into Guildford.  Got evening dress. White with red polka dots.  Mrs. Kosten Hendricks helped me alter it as it was too long.

Went to Cranleigh College dance with Johnny in taxi with Lt. Cmdr and Mrs. Kosten and Pam.  Had drinks etc.

1 Tuesday

2 Wednesday

Went to Onslow with Johnny.


17 Thursday

Johnny went back today.  Went to show

18 Friday

Johnny arrived to help us move.  Went to Onslow.  Andy, Jack and Elaine and friend came to supper.

19  Saturday

Moved into our new house today.  Got radio fixed up etc.

 20 Sunday

Went to show with Johnny.  Also to Onslow.  Pamela brought Andy, Elaine and Jacky to supper.

21 Monday

Johnny went back to camp.  Radio broke.  Went to show.

22 Tuesday

Wrote letters and sent off competition.

 23 Wednesday

Johnny came this evening.  He has 4 days leave.

24 Thursday

Went to show.  Saw Hedy Lamar in “Conflict”.  Johnny stayed home, he’d seen it.

25 Friday

Johnny and I caught 9:45 bus to Guildford, then train to London.  Got room at Union Jack Club, Waterloo.  Went drinking.  Went to Lyons Brasserie.  Then to show at Odeon.  Saw George Raft in “Stop Whistle”.

 26 Saturday

Had drinks, supper etc.  Went to London Pavilion.  Saw Bing Crosby, Bob Hope in “Road to Utopia”.  Went to Brasserie.  Got into Guildford at 7:30.  Went had tea, then to Lion Hotel for supper and drinks.  Met Daddy in subway train, on way to Birmingham.