Cynthia’s Diary – June 16 – 29, 1946


16 Sunday

Awoke about 5 a.m. to children crying.  Watched scenery.  Went to sleep.  Had corn flakes, bacon and egg and toast.  Got off at Cambletown for walk.  Also at Mont Joli.  Bought cokes from super café.  Took photos.  Had salad, ice cream for dinner etc.  Went to sleep.

17 Monday

Johnny’s and my second Wedding Anniversary.  Arrived Belleville 5 a.m.  Johnny and Gordon waiting for me.  70 miles in car.  Had flat tire.  Another couple came with us.  Met Thelma and children.  Drove to town.

18 Tuesday

Johnny gave me anniversary presents of stockings, and Red Chenille house coat.  Bought me slacks, dress, etc.  Drove 310 miles to Sudbury.  Had drinks etc. on way.

19 Wednesday

Pamela’s 18th Birthday.  Met Duke, Marie, Ma and Pa Jenkins, Rae, Paul, Ellen, Phil etc.  Had a party ‘till 6 o’clock in morning for me.  Met dozens of people.  Did square dances to orchestra.

20 Thursday

Had table full of presents.  Beer, wine.  Wonderful food, chicken also Wedding cake.  Went to Phil and Ellen’s to supper.  Went drive round Sudbury.

21 Friday

Bought me pickled egg.  Put sugar on by mistake.  Couldn’t eat it.  They laughed.  Had Hen party shower for me  Lots more presents.  Also wine.  Played bingo won 4 times.  Went to Ma Jenkin’s for supper.

22 Saturday

Drove to Lake Penage.  Mr. and Mrs. Whithead’s Lodge.  Mad at John for going on Lake for 2 ½ hours with girls.  Saw house where Dionne Quints born.  Also lovely house they now live in.

23 Sunday

Drove back from Sudbury.  Could not carry my presents.  Just clock off Jenkins.  Had to leave bouquet behind.  Stopped at Callendar.  Met more Dowdalls including Johnny’s half brother.  Had drink in their café.  I was sick on way.  Had flat tire.

24 Monday

Johnny started work again.

25 Tuesday

Insurance man came.  Johnny bought insurance.  Paid $56 first payment.  Drove down town for lime drink.  Bought fish and chips.

26 Wednesday

Drove to canal.  Johnny swam.  I paddled.  Had ice cream.  Also hamburger.  The weather is boiling.

27 Thursday

Had letter from Mummy and Phyllis.  Wrote letters.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m in Canada.  Johnny worked ‘till 11 o’clock on car.  Top fell on his arm.

28 Friday

Rode down got bread with Thelma, Johnny.  Gave me $2 to do some shopping.  Bought pound cherries.

29 Saturday

All went to town to do shopping.  Bought Wendy dress.

Cynthia’s Diary – June 2 – 15, 1946


June, 1946

2 Sunday

Mummy had letter from Johnny.  Had present off Auntie Elsie Also off Mrs. Batchelor.  Went for papers.  A shortage of cigarettes in Cranleigh.  Did not go out.  Mrs. Ward came.

3 Monday

Had new instructions from Wives Bureau.  I leave Friday. And am now sailing on the Queen Mary.  Daddy went back.  I phoned Phyllis.

4 Tuesday

Went to Ewhurst to dancing class with Mummy and Wendy.  It was raining.  Glad to get home.

5 Wednesday

Did not go out.  Pamela and Mummy stayed home again.  Did sewing etc. Also ironing.  Daddy is meeting us in London on Friday.

6 Thursday

Did shopping.  Had tea at Hibbs with Mummy and Wendy.  Went fixed money at Bank.

Went to show.  Saw Son of Lassie.

7 Friday

Taxi called 12:30.  Caught 12:49 train to Guildford.  Caught 1:20 train Waterloo. Packed.  Stood all the way.  Met Daddy.  Phyllis.  She gave me present.  Had cup tea. Then had another at caf. Kissed them goodbye 4:30.  All cried.  Dozens children.

8 Saturday

Had coffee in caf.  Watched Victory Parade from Balcony.  Saw King, Queen and Princesses also Prime Minister and Winston Churchill.  Phoned Mummy had Whelks.  Wrote to Mummy and family.

9 Sunday

Went to tea with Phyllis.  Met her sister, brother etc.  Wrote to Mummy.  Phoned Mummy.  Left Hostel 10 o’clock.  Left Waterloo at 12. Arrived Southampton 1:30.  Gee the Queen Mary’s a big ship.  Wonderful food.  Had bath.

10 Monday

Saw film “Diamond Horseshoe”, Betty Grable, Dick Hayes.  Phoned Mummy in morning.  And afternoon, evening.  Said Goodbye to them all.  Had telegram from them.  Had bath.

11 Tuesday

Queen Mary left Southampton 9:30 a.m.  Took photo of coast and ship Nelson.  Went to show saw Rex Harrison in “Blyth Spirit”.  Had bath.  Did shopping.  Bought jumper, brassiere, etc.QMCynthia_0003

12 Wednesday

Was sea-sick, also the others.  Forced myself to eat.  Got cigarettes.  Also souvenirs.  Sat on deck and in lounge.  Had coke, apples, etc.

13 Thursday

Had hair shampooed and set in Beauty Salon.  The Right Honourable Mackenzie King who is on the boat, gave a speech!

MackenzieKing QMCynthia


14 FridayAutographMK

15 Saturday

Docked at Halifax in morning about 11 o’clock.  Went through immigration. Changed money.  Sent cables.  Spoke several times to Mackenzie King.  Took his photo.

A page from Cynthia’s autograph book