Cynthia’s Diary – Dec 31,1945 – Jan 26, 1946



31 December 1945  Monday

Went into Guildford.  Got evening dress. White with red polka dots.  Mrs. Kosten Hendricks helped me alter it as it was too long.

Went to Cranleigh College dance with Johnny in taxi with Lt. Cmdr and Mrs. Kosten and Pam.  Had drinks etc.

1 Tuesday

2 Wednesday

Went to Onslow with Johnny.


17 Thursday

Johnny went back today.  Went to show

18 Friday

Johnny arrived to help us move.  Went to Onslow.  Andy, Jack and Elaine and friend came to supper.

19  Saturday

Moved into our new house today.  Got radio fixed up etc.

 20 Sunday

Went to show with Johnny.  Also to Onslow.  Pamela brought Andy, Elaine and Jacky to supper.

21 Monday

Johnny went back to camp.  Radio broke.  Went to show.

22 Tuesday

Wrote letters and sent off competition.

 23 Wednesday

Johnny came this evening.  He has 4 days leave.

24 Thursday

Went to show.  Saw Hedy Lamar in “Conflict”.  Johnny stayed home, he’d seen it.

25 Friday

Johnny and I caught 9:45 bus to Guildford, then train to London.  Got room at Union Jack Club, Waterloo.  Went drinking.  Went to Lyons Brasserie.  Then to show at Odeon.  Saw George Raft in “Stop Whistle”.

 26 Saturday

Had drinks, supper etc.  Went to London Pavilion.  Saw Bing Crosby, Bob Hope in “Road to Utopia”.  Went to Brasserie.  Got into Guildford at 7:30.  Went had tea, then to Lion Hotel for supper and drinks.  Met Daddy in subway train, on way to Birmingham.


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