Cynthia’s Diary March 5 – 6, 1942

Thursday 5th March

Went to dance 2/.  Not many there.  Rather depressing.  Nic insisted on dancing with me said he waited 2 hours for me.  Ivy was there.  Also filmstar officer etc.  Did not have chance to speak because of Nic.  Nic took me home.  I may see him next Friday.  I don’t think I will though because he would want to keep going out with me because he’s crazy about me.

Friday 6th March

Went to movies saw “Gert and Daisy’s Weekend” also Caesar Romero in “Dance Hall”.  Not too bad!!  Saw several people I knew.  Went in 1/6d seats.  It was pitch dark.  But some guys recognized me and said Good Night.  Dorothy sat and talked when I got back.

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