Cynthia’s Diary – March 7 – 8, 1942

Saturday 7th March

Went to dance.  Very good.  Danced with lots of officers met one rather nice one.  Charles danced with me.  Has been to London.  Naughty Chas danced with me also last waltz.  Little Cpl. kept following me.  Ivy nearly left me with a soldier.  The boys are very interested in Charles and my quarrel.  Did tango and rumba with Milton!


Sunday 8th March

Went to movies saw Paul Robeson in “Proud Valley” Dick Powell, Anita Louis in “Going Places”.  Very good.  Saw Naughty Charles.  Went to Cranley Hotel.  Saw officers.  Played cards, I lost.  Went to bed quite early about 12 o’clock.  Dot won.  I hear Charles stayed out all last night??  I wonder where!!!

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