Cynthia’s Diary – March 17 – 18, 19 – 20, 1942

Tuesday 17th March

Went to village hall fair.  Lost all my money.  Went in ankle competition nearly won, Lots said I should have done.  Saw lots I knew, Bill, Charles, Caddy etc!  Had quite a good time.  Saw officers.  Jean.  Her father played accordion.  Pamela went around with Charles.  He walked to door with me.  I can’t understand him.

Wednesday 18th March

Went to dance I think.  Cannot remember exactly as I forgot to fill my diary.

Thursday 19th March

Went to pictures.  Saw “Man Hunt”.  Went in 1/10d seats.

Friday 20th March

Did not go anywhere much!  Went and had a look at dance in Village Hall saw lots of officers I know!  Saw Ken.  Lots of nice dresses etc.  Stayed watching quite a long time.  Officers nearly invited me in.  Wished I could have gone.

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