Cynthia’s Diary – 15 – 16,1942


Sunday 15th March

It seemed strange to hear air raid sirens.  Had headache.  Went to movies.  Saw Jean Arthur.  Got home about 7.  Bob did not come after all.  Had breakfast served in bedroom of hotel.  Rather salty bacon.  Nearly forgot case.  Saw American convoy.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Saw officers, etc.  Played cards, lost!!  Yesterday evening it poured with rain.  Siren went last night!


Monday 16th March

Warning went this morning.  Went to movies saw Joan Bennett , George Sanders and Walter Pigeon in “Man Hunt”.  Also,  “Accent on Love”.  Went with Bill and Geo, two Canadians.  Went in 2/6d seats.  Molly Hartley and Film star officer sat in front of me.  Saw officers from medical corps.  Went to bed quite early.  It poured with rain.

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