Cynthia’s Diary – March 21 – 22, 1942

Saturday 21st March

Had drink at 3 Horseshoes with Doug and Haverdal??  Went to the Carnival Dance.  Met Doug staff sergeant and brother Howard.  Arranged to meet Roy tomorrow.  Saw Bill, Tony.  Danced a lot with Charles.  Went to three Horseshoes.  Cpl nearly had fight.  Had to throw shoes across to soldiers.  Danced with Nic.  He seemed little disappointed when I danced with others.  One of the Medical corps walked home with me.  Named George.


Sunday 22nd March

Went to movies.  Saw  “Ghost Train”,  also Roland Young and Hugh Herbert in “His Affair”.  Went with Roy.  He gave me 25 British Consul cigarettes.  Went in 1/10d seats.  Saw lots of people I knew.  Saw Joy.  Roy offered to buy me drink, but I refused.  May see him at dance on Saturday.

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