Cynthia’s Diary – October 13 – 26, 1940

Billie (Wilhelmina Mitchell Edwards) serving petrol at The Cranleigh Motor Co.

Sun Oct 13

Uncle Hugh went to Auntie Pat’s today.  I could have gone.

Mon Oct 14

Saw Spikey.  He still wants to go out with me.  I don’t like him though.  Hugh shot pheasant.

Tues Oct 15

Had a bath.  Did some drawing.  Last night was worst raid on London.

Wed Oct 16

Cannot remember what I did today.

Thurs Oct 17

Supposed to go out with Spikey.  Played cards, won.

Fri Oct 18

Forgot what I did today.

Sat Oct 19

Went up to Mrs. Covey’s house.

Sun Oct 20

Basil did most of bike today.  Did not go out.

Mon Oct 21

Mummy went to new job.  Got soaking wet.  Went to meet her.  Saw Spikey.

Tues Oct 22

Did not do much today.  Pam went to pictures with Auntie Pat and Uncle Hugh.

Wed Oct 23

Went to Lady Peekes.  Had rolls and tea.  Went to pictures.  Saw Ninotchicka, Jarbons Douglas, Crime does not pay and Charlie Chase.

Thurs Oct 24

Met Mummie.  Went to Cranleigh.  Saw soldiers.  Saw Norman.

Fri  Oct 25

Went to village.  Went to Garage.  Saw Paddy, —– and asked me to go out with them.  Saw Ben!  Saw a barrage balloon.  Plane machine-gunned it down and stunted??

Sat Oct 26

Pam had new bike.  Saw Ben and Paddy etc.

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