Cynthia’s Diary – September 29 – October 12, 1940

Sun Sept 29

Mummy busy???  Had a bath today.  Lots of apples and plums.

Mon Sept 30

June is going to get married soon.  Auntie Pat likes Basil.  Auntie Pat may get job in service.

Tues Oct 1

It will soon be my birthday.  It is getting very cold.  Daddy is a corporal now.

Wed Oct 2

Cannot remember what I did today.  Planes fly low overhead.

Thurs Oct 3

Went to pictures.  Saw Auther Askey in Charlie’s Aunt, also Richard Arlan in Legion of Lost Flyers.  Very good.  Bombs dropped right near us.

Fri Oct 4

Did not do much today.

Sat Oct 5

Mummy ill in bed with a cold, guess we’re all having colds.

Sun Oct 6

Did not do much today.  Mummy still in bed with cold.

Mon Oct 7

Auntie Pat went to Mrs. Morgan’s this morning in Taxi.

Tues Oct 8

Met Spikey.  He wanted me to go to the pictures at Guildford.  I saw Freddie Booker etc.

Wed Oct 9

Went to Horsham.  Had new shoes.  Went in the Cotswolds.  Had tea.  Uncle Hugh came to live here.  Miss Hodges is dead from bomb shock.  Poor old soul.  Bless her.

Thurs Oct 10

Uncle Hugh is getting settled a bit.

Fri Oct 11

Had lift in car!  Picked acorns.  Got nearly sack full.  They say Joan is dead.  I hope its un-true.

Sat Oct 12

Went to pictures.  Saw Deana Durban in It’s a Date, also Richard Arlen in ——-.  Had lift in Blador’s?? car.  I think it’s true about Joan.  A direct hit on shelter.  And to think of the happy times we had.

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