Cynthia’s Diary – September 15 – 28, 1940

Sun Sept 15

Tidied up a lot.  Listened to a rather boring lot of records of The Reverend in America.

Mon Sept 16 – Sat Sept 21

Cannot remember much as I forgot to write as I do not have much time.  Go on Mrs. Covey’s bike to Cranley etc. a lot.  Go shooting!  The planes go over every night.

Sun Sept 22

Did not do much today.  Went shooting.

Mon Sept 23

Went to pictures.  Saw Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff in Tower of London, also Vic McLaughlin in Rio.  Nearly got bombed home.

Tues Sept 24

Uncle Hugh came today.  Going to stay week.

Wed Sept 25

Uncle Hugh is always catching rabbits, pigeons etc.

Thurs Sept 26

Forgot to write anything here.  I see June sometimes.  Took her shoes to her house.

Fri Sept 27

Uncle Hugh caught pheasant.  Boy are the bombs Loud.

Sat Sept 28

Uncle Hugh went back in van.  Tudor had cup of tea.  Bombs were terrific.  Went down the village.  Saw Ben.  Rode along with me, talked.

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