Cynthia’s Diary – September 1 – 14, 1940

Sun Sept 1

Had several raids today.  Had dinner at shop.  Went in library shelter.  Auntie Pat stayed at our house.

Mon Sept 2

Had raid at 8 o’clock till 9 this morning.  Went and played tennis with Phyllis, Pat, Billie.  Air raid in middle of game.  Went down shelter.

Tues Sept 3

Went to work.  Not bad.  Had warning in morning and afternoon.  Saw Dennis Young.

Wed Sept 4

Mummy’s Birthday today.  Am going to buy her a present Saturday.  Went to work.  Had warning several times today and at night.

Thurs Sept 5

Went to work.  Had raid this morning, one afternoon.  I have to answer phone.  Had raid lasting 9 hours and one lasting 1 hour.

Fri Sept 6

Had money, (salary) 14-5.  Warning in morning, one in afternoon.  Saw German plane making smoke in sky.

Sat Sept 7

Germans hit docks, fire blazing.  About 6 raids.

Sun Sept 8

Had dinner and tea at shop.  Tons of raids.  Shelter locked.

Mon Sept 9

Went to Labour Exchange.  Saw tons of ruins!  Two incendiary bombs in road.  Cannot remember much about this week except it was full of raids.

Tues Sept 10

Mr. and Mrs. Smail sleep down with us, also Miss Hodges, Mr. Burk.

Wed Sept 11

Tons of raids.  Might go away to Alfold!!  Dull day.  Shops shut.

Thurs Sept 12

Had dinner at shop, turned out of house.  Auntie Pat and Pamela left London.  Four houses away from us 3 houses were bombed down, people injured, also Walden?? Road etc.  Uncle Hugh came back in shelter.  Time bomb in garden. Went to business.  Four hours in shelter.  Several raids, whistling bombs!

Fri Sept 13/ Sat Sept 14

On Friday night and Saturday, Lavender Hill was bombed, also Clapham Junction, Post Office, etc.  All shops ruined.  Left London.  Got lift on lorry.  Saw cars crash.  Went on Tube, air-raid.  Met naval officers.  Air-raid.  On train!  Went in taxi 12/-.  Auntie Pat at Mrs. Covey’s.

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