Cynthia’s Diary – August 18 – 31, 1940

Sun Aug 18  (Full moon)

Had an air-raid warning.  Heard about 5 bombs drop.  Mummy ran from shop, dive bombers overhead about 1-30.  Just going to have dinner.  Had tea at shop.  Second raid at about 6 o’clock.  Sat on stairs.

Mon Aug 19

Daddy’s birthday today.  Sent him birthday cards.  Did not have any raids.  Did not go any place today.  Had nice tea!

Tues Aug 20

Went to pictures saw “The Last Post” also “The Spiders Webb”!!  Very good.  Had dinner at Restaurant.  Mummy had letter from Daddy.

Wed Aug 21

Did not go out today.  Did some washing.  Also ironing.  Very cold weather.  Have got to look for job.

Thurs Aug 22

Saw Doug, Ronnie Wood and friend.  Said hello!  Ron is post office boy.  I have an idea there will be a raid tonight!

Fri Aug 23

Had raid about 3:30 this morning.  Forgot tin-opener.  Heard guns and planes.  Moonlight nights.

Sat Aug 24

Had raid in morning and one in afternoon.  Went to Auntie Pat’s at night, had raid, went in her shelter.  Lasted about 2 ½ hours.  Heard planes afterwards when we got home.

Sun Aug 25

We had bath. Went to Auntie’s.  Had an air-raid about 20 to 11.  Also one at about 1-15.  So stayed night.

Mon Aug 26

Went to pictures.  Saw George Formby in “Let George Do It”, also “Fighting Mad”.  Renee came round, Auntie Pat etc., came for night.

Tues Aug 27

Had terrific raid from 9:30 to 4 o’clock, bombs and guns going.  Did not get much sleep.  Also had rain in afternoon.  Had raid about 9:30, lasted about 2 hours.  Just made tea.

Wed Aug 28

Had raid about 12:30 a.m.  Did not last so very long.   Put earth on shelter the morning.  Had letter from June.

Thur Aug 29

Went after job in Estate Agent.  Don’t know whether I’ve got it yet.  Put more earth on shelter.  Made shelter better.  Washed hair.  Did not have any raids.

Fri Aug 30

Had 1 raid dinner time,  2 in afternoon and one about 9:15 lasting 7 hours.  Have got job, start Tuesday.  The bombs and guns were terrific.  Fell asleep.

Sat Aug 31

Had two raids this morning.  One at 8:30, the other at about 11 o’clock.  Had raids all day today.

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