Cynthia’s Diary – August 4 – 17, 1940

Sun Aug 4

Went to Auntie Pat’s in evening with Marnie??  and Mummy.  Did not do much today.  Had Ice and fruits for tea.

Mon Aug 5

Went to pictures.  Saw Edith Fellows in “The five little Peppers”, also James Cagney in “The Pluck of the Irish”.   Were going swimming, closed.

Tues Aug 6

Mummy bought me new dance dress and lovely shoes.  Went to Locarno in afternoon.  Also Mummy, Mrs. Smail, Pamela and Renee.  Had fun.  Went played tennis in evening.

Wed Aug 7

Caught boy stealing pears.  Stayed in bed till late.  Saw Mary.  Went walk.

Thurs Aug 8

Had letter from Mr. Brettell with haymaking money.  Bought some more cards.  Mummy and Pam went to whist-drive across road.  Saw Doug and friend, also spoke to Ronnie several times.

Fri Aug 9

Mummy went to Alfold.  Pam went swimming.  I went to pictures.  Saw “Old Mother Riley in Society” also “Two Thoroughbreds”.  Good.  Had two eggs for supper.  Had dinner at restaurant.

Sat Aug 10

Went shopping with Mummy.  Saw Auntie Pat, Mr. Grieves, Mrs. Arnold and Jean.  Bought Wendy’s present also Mrs. Kirby came and saw flat.  Went to South Side ___  with her.

Sun Aug 11

Got dinner.  Mummy was going to Whist drive, but too late.  Had ices and fruit for tea etc.

Mon Aug 12

Wendy’s Birthday today.  Went to her party.  Lovely tea.  She had 5 cards, cot off Mummy, doll off Auntie Pat etc., beads off Pamela, Brick truck off me.  Played tennis.  Had ices.  Saw Jean Johnson.  Wendy was very excited about her birthday.

Tues Aug13

Went to shop several times, tooth came out, at last.  Mummy did not go out but yes she went to whist drive with Pam??

Wed Aug 14

Saw Ronnie Wood, Doug and Boys.  All or most of shops shut, so did not do much.

Thurs Aug 15

Went to pictures.  Saw “Swanee River” and “City of Chance”.  Air-raid, stayed in cinema.  Wandsworth factory burning.  Guess it was sabotage!

Fri Aug 16

Had air-raid in morning and one in evening.  Just going to cinema.  Bombs dropped loudly.   Went to pictures.  Saw “I Take this Woman”, also “Just William”.  Mummy liked them.

Sat Aug 17

Did not have any raids today.  Went Clapham Junction.  Had ice.  Saw Mary and Jean and Ronnie.

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