Cynthia’s Diary – July 21 – August 3, 1940

Sun July 21

Donald is rather nice.  Had hay fight. Boys chased us.  June does not like to go out with Don.

Mon July 22

Boys made gunpowder.  Shot it in gun.  I played piano.  Went out with boys!

Tues July 23

Went walks today.  Pamela had her tooth out Friday.  Saw tanks and soldiers.

Wed July 24

Found some mushrooms.  Had them for tea.  Saw a plane doing some stunts.  Fell in river.  Went to Stovold’s Hill.

Thur July 25

I go home tomorrow.  Did some packing went to secret meeting with Dennis, Donald and June.  Don bought us Ginger shandy.

Fri July 26

Went home to London!  Uncle Hugh took us to pictures saw Ronald Coleman in “The Masquerader”.  Also another good film!

Sat July 27

Went shopping had photo taken.  Saw Auntie Pat, also saw Dennis Young.

Don also bought block of choc each.  Had some fun.

Sun  July 28

Did not do much today.  Burnt potatoes.  Went  to meet Mummy.  Went walk on common with Mummy, Auntie Pat etc., etc.

Mon July 29

Went to labour exchange.  Am going to have job  in West-End.  Went  swimming.  Saw Doug.  Had dinner in restaurant.   Got off with boys.  Went in park with Mummy.

Tues July 30

Wrote after job.  Went to pictures.  Saw Gordon Marker, Bonnie Hale in “Hyde Park Corner”.  Also Billie Burke, Frank Morgan in “The Ghost Comes Home”.

Wed July 31

Saw Mary.  Went to dance, but full, so came back home.  ________ was Tuesday.  Have not had any letter from June or Roy???

Thurs Aug 1

Went out to Garret Lane.  Saw Mary, Doug, spoke.  Mummy had letter about technical school.

Fri Aug 2

Went to pictures.  Saw George Raft and Joan Bennet in “the House Across the Bay”.  Also East Side Kids in “ditto.  Saw R. W. and friend in evening.  They smiled.

Sat Aug 3

Saw R. W.   Went shopping.  Had dinner in restaurant.  Met Mummy.

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