Cynthia’s Diary – July 7 – 20, 1940

Sun July 7

Had letter & pocket money!  Went strawberrying.  Got place ready for Mummy.

Mon July 8

Went to school today.  Saw lots of tanks go by.  Renee may not go to Canada.  I may go to school tomorrow morning.

Tues July 9

Mummy came in afternoon from Cranleigh station with Wendy.  Did not go out in evening anywhere much, just went to station to get case.  Got off with soldiers & boys.  Saw Spikey etc!!!!

Wed July 10

Went to village.  Called in at Jack’s.  He gave Mummy glass wine!  Arranged to go Friday.  Did shopping.  Had dinner at Gibb’s Hatch.  Ices etc. 8/-.  Called at school!  Saw Tanks!!!

Thurs July 11

Went to Horsham.  Had dinner at “The Cotswold” 7/-.  Went to flicks.  Saw “Sons of the Sea” & “Jungle”.  Had ices etc.

Fri July 12

Went Cranleigh.  Had tea at The Singing Kettle Café.  5/-.  Went to flicks, as it rained.  Saw Madeline Carroll in “Husbands or Lovers” also “I Was a Convict”.  Jolly good, had ices and _____ 2d each apples.  Got film and shopping.  Had lift in Jack’s lorry back!  Appologized for not going to house.  Regret not going.  Got off with College boy.  Please turn next page….

Sat July 13

Went to village took girls with us.  Bought sweets.  Went up Rosemary Lane!  Saw Miss Grose.  Boy did we laugh.  I drove car.  Took snaps.

Sun July 14

We played tennis, also made hay.  Mr. & Mrs. Lever came.  Mummy went & had drink.  A: did not come.  Fed pigs each day, also collected eggs.  Mummy nearly missed train.  Got off with soldiers.  Also boys.  Soldier got hold of bike.  Wendy forgot doll.  Mummy went home.  They charged 6d for case!  What a rush.

Mon July 15

It teemed with rain.  Had lift in Lorry.  Saw army.  Had to knit socks all day.  Got soaked dinner time.  Gee it’s lonely without mummy.

Tues July 16

Still raining.  Guess it’s going to rain 40 days,40 nights!

Wed July 17

Have still to knit socks.  Going home week on Friday.

Thurs July 18

Did not do much today.  School is closing for good.  Saw lots of tanks.  Had lift in lorry.

Fri July 19

Took Pamela to dentist.  School closed.  Had photo taken.  Saw soldiers, spoke.  Plane crashed.  Real machine guns fired.  Saw German.  I was not scared, everybody else was.

Sat July 20

Went to flicks, saw Ronald Coleman in “the Light that failed”, also Bob Burns in “I’m from Missouri”.  Got off with Jimmy.  Saw soldiers.


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