Cynthia’s Diary – October 27 – November 9, 1940

Sun Oct 27

Went to Gibb’s Hatch 10/3.  Enjoyed it!  Had chicken.

Mon Oct 28

Saw spy signalling Man on bridge.  Saw Ben etc.  Wanted me to go out with them.

Tues Oct 29

Bomb dropped a few fields away.

Wed Oct 30

Went to London in van with Hugh and Mr. Wise.  4 raids, fighting overhead.  Saw damage all over place, got furniture.

Thurs Oct 31

Went to meet Mummy.  Passed her on way.  Went all way to Cranleigh.  Letter from Renee yesterday.

Fri Nov 1

My birthday.  Today I’m 16.  Had 5/- off Mummy.  Handkerchief off Pamela.  Two cards

Sat Nov 2

Had 2/6 off Mrs. Covey.  Also had gloves off family.  Lady asked way to Lord Renald’s house “Ardath”.

Sun Nov 3

Last night Basil gave me 3/- for my birthday.  Saw June.  Teased Basil.

Mon Nov 4

Had lift in lady’s car.  It is now a rumour that Joan Ellard is not dead.

Tues Nov 5

Had lift in car with Mummy.  Did not go anywhere much.

Wed Nov 6

Came new way home.  Bombs were very near last night.  Went to pictures.  Saw Kay Francis, Cary Grant, Carol Lombard in ———, also Spats to Spurs.

Thurs Nov 7

Saw Spikey.  Went to village.  Went to Cranley.  Saw Tons of soldiers.  Met Mummy with Bonzo.  Went down Guildford road.

Fri Nov 8

Went to village in morning to get money.  Last night saw flares.  Bombs drop very near.

Sat Nov 9

See lots of German planes.  Saw Ken and Norman.  Daddy came today.  Mummy had row with Hugh.  Daddy’s teeth are broken.

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