Cynthia’s Diary – January 24 – 25, 1942

Saturday 24th January

Canadians kept saying hello! etc.  Quite a nice lot.  Went to dance.  Charles got jealous because I danced 1st dance with Bill.  Met an American from Hollywood named Don.  Has a ranch, knows Ronald Coleman etc.  Gordon and Charles stayed weekend.  Met lots of Candians.  They are great guys.  They are now at the Cranleigh Motor Co.  Got off with Captain in Cranley Hotel.  Pity the others were there!


Sunday 25th January

Had quite nice time.  Harold and John L. came in evening, and Leslie, Dorothy, Billie, John L., Harold, Gordon, Charles and myself, all went to Cranley Hotel.  Saw Molly Hartley, officer etc.  Danced when we got back, then played cards.  John L. won.  They are very grateful for our hospitality.  We are the first people to treat them like human beings.

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