Cynthia’s Diary – April 6 – 7, 1942

Monday 6th April

Went to dance.  Fred MacMurray danced a lot.  George and him sang to me.  Danced a lot with Eddie Jeans boy.  Saw Frank.  Spoke.  George is 20.  Eddie asked me if I knew the “why” dance.  He taught me!!  Danced with Jim.  Had last waltz with Norman.  George gave me photo.  Came home with me.  Dot came home with his friend.  Had supper.  Did not leave til late.  George is not bad.  Not exactly my type.

Tuesday 7th April

Saw Jean, waved.  Went to movies with George.  Dot and Gordy came.  Saw Nic, Blackie, Frank and Roy etc.  Also Charles kept zooming around in truck.  Saw Sonja Henie in _______

Went in 2/6d seats, had ice, did not invite George home.  Charles came just as I was going to bed.  Went to truck with him.  Saw Frank. May go to Guildford tomorrow.



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