Cynthia’s Diary – April 4 – 5, 1942

Saturday 4th April

Went to dance.  Went and had drinks with Charles!  Lots of Canadians in “Horseshoes”.  Kept flirting with me.  Jim came and had drink.  Danced a lot with Charles.  Milton was very pleased and happy.  Danced with me.  Went a ride in Truck.  Then went in truck to Ewhurst.  Charles came in the house.  Did not go until rather late.  Had very enjoyable evening.

Sunday 5th April

Went to movies saw Tom Wallis and Lillie Palmer in “Crack Jack”, also Charlie McCarthy in “You can’t cheat an Honest Man”.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel.  Saw officers.  Captain Tommy Warner.  Met Sergeant Frazer, also Bob sergeant major.  They came and played cards.  Gordon came, also Charles.  Bob was a great joke to Charles.  Saw them off to truck.  Charles kissed me!!  Dot saw Gordon off.  Saw John.

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