Cynthia’s Diary – March 13 – 14, 1942

Friday 13th March

Bob phoned me up and asked me if I would like to go to London.  Said I would phone tomorrow for sure.  Did not go out anywhere but did ironing and mending etc.  Mummy, Daddy and Pamela, also Wendy went to the movies.  Also Gordon and Dorothy.  He’s still staying here at Dot’s for his leave.


Saturday14th March         610 room

They had parade for Warship week, had photo taken by Donald.  Went to London.  Met Bob at Waterloo.  Stayed at Park Lane Hotel.  Very nice.  Elevators, bell boys etc., bathroom leading from bedroom.  Went to Young’s Chinese Restaurant.  Rained.  Went around in taxis.  Warning went about 12.  Went in lounge.  Had gin.  Had bath.  Waited on hand and foot.  Boy it was super!  It reminded me of tune “Lovely Weekend”.