Cynthia’s Diary – March 29 – 30, 1942

Sunday 29th March

Saw Roy, but went to movies by myself.  Saw one of the boys.  Saw Frank.  When I came out of movies went to “Three Horseshoes” with him.  Stood talking.  Mummy and Gordon invited us to Cranleigh Hotel.  Felt sick and had cold in head.  Was sick went home everyone fussed over me.  Went to bed.  Frank’s crazy about me, but he’s not my type.  I hope to go to the dance tomorrow.


Monday 30th March

Went to Canadian invitation dance.  R.C.E. band.  They just had fairy lights and spotlights.  Jean was there with Eddie.  Met Doug.  Saw officers.  Doug bought me refreshments.  Frank gave me a film.  Robbie asked me to have drink.  Kissed me.  Had lovely time.  Fred MacMurray took me home.  His real name’s Bill.  Dot came to the dance.  There may be one tomorrow.  Bill wants to go out with me!!  He’ crazy about me.


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