Cynthia’s Diary March 25 – 26, 1942

Wednesday 25th March

Bob insists on playing my record “Lovely Weekend”.

Had phone call from Bob said he was coming at about 7.  Charles Lavell was waiting outside.  Gave him my address.  He’s crazy about me.  He was born in France, but comes from Canada.  Charles Bartlett bought me refreshments. Roy at dance; also lot more.  Bob came.  He’s a darling.  May go to London Easter with him.  He came all the way on a motor bike.


Thursday 26th March


Went to pictures.  Saw “Tight Shoes”, also Basil Rathbone in “Black Cat”.  Very good.  Mummy, Pam and Wendy went also.  Alex, a dispatch rider, walked along with me.  Wants me to go out with him.  He’s Canadian.  Not very tall.  But rather cute.  Dorothy also went to the pictures.


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