Cynthia’s Diary – February 27 – 28, 1942

Friday 27th February

Went to movies with Charles.  Saw Gordon Harker in “Once a crook”, also “Cisco Kid”.  Went had drinks at Cranleigh Hote!  Saw English CO’s.  Charles nearly missed truck.  Rather a figgit in the pictures.  Saw Betty.  He starts his leave next week!  And it’s his birthday.


Saturday 28th February

Had terrific quarrel.

Went to Guildford.  Met Auntie Pat.  Went had cup of tea.  Spoke to Canadians.  Went to dance.  Charles acted awkward.  Had five stone ring on.  Danced a lot with Nic.  Bob came.  Charles came round, most awkward.  Gave him his ring back!!  He danced with girl form pictures.  Went to Cranleigh Hotel with Bob in staff car.

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