Cynthia’s Diary – December 8 – 21, 1940

Sun Dec 8

Did not go out today.  I dreamt, the other night, I visited Hitler and he promised peace.

Mon Dec 9

Had letter from Renee.  Went to Cranleigh to take chicken.  Had 6d off lady, 6d for going there and 6d for cutting hair off Mrs. Covey.

Tues Dec 10

Saw Ken, Pam caught her rabbit.  Saw Fred, Mrs. Layer’s son!

Wed Dec 11

Am looking forward to Xmas.  Have bought a few presents.  Did not go out today.  Saw Fred.

Thurs Dec 12

Saw few people!  Sent card to Ray.

Fri Dec 13

Went to village.  Saw Ben etc.  Arranged date.  Will not turn up.

Sat Dec 14

Had drinks Mummy bought. Went to flicks.  Saw Diana Churchill in “House of the Arrow”.  Also ”Roman Scandals”, Eddie Cantor.  Ben did not turn up.  Did not go to dance after all.

Sun Dec 15

Went to Cranleigh in Archies Car, Boy and Donkey way.  Had chicken dinner.

Mon Dec 16

Archie may have pub.  Did not go out today.

Tues Dec 17

Daddy is coming home soon.

Wed Dec 18

Did not go out today much.

Thurs Dec 19

Went to Guildford with June, jolly good.  On way home saw car signaling.  Had to lie in ditch owing to bombs.  Saw boys.  Paddy gave me pair of clips.

Fri Dec 20

Went to dance at Cranleigh College.  Danced with officer who was with Lady Burns. Saw Ken.  Met crowds of soldiers.  Eric kept giving us port etc.  Went in Railway and Onslow.  Met Eric Hibbs.  Arranged date.  Sat at pictures with Tony also Monday with Jack.  Nearly came home in army lorry.  Kissed me goodnight.  Came home in Armstrong car.

Sat Dec 21

Daddy came today.

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