Cynthia’s Diary – November 23 – December 7, 1940

Sat Nov 23

Studied stars.  Saw Ken.  Went to pictures.  Saw Willie and Bucket, Jimmey??  Saw “The Ghost Comes Home”, also Phyllis, Dorothy in “The Flying —“.  Very good.

Sun Nov 24

Archie came gave me 2/6.  Mummy went to Gibb’s Hatch.  Went ride saw Cecil.

Mon Nov 25

Went to village, to garage.  Saw Paddy, Tom and Ben.  Ben has a motor bike.  Did not hear many planes last night.

Tues Nov 26

Have got an awful cold.

Wed Nov 27

Did not go out today except to meet Pamela, Wendy from flicks and to post letter.

Thurs Nov 28

Went a bike ride.

Fri Nov 29

Went bike ride, saw soldiers, also Ken Thomson.

Sat Nov 30

Went to pictures.  Saw “King Solomon’s Mines”, Paul Robeson.  Also “over the Moon”, with Merle Oberon, Robert Harrison.  Freddie Backer came home with me.  Got off with soldiers, Australian.

Sun Dec 1

Archie came.  Went ride.  Saw bomb craters.

Mon Dec 2

Did not do much today.

Tues Dec 3

Went to flicks.  Saw “Crime does not pay”, good also Leslie Howard and Ingrid Bergman in “Escape to Happiness”, also Gordon Harker in “Lightning Conductor” with Sally Gray.

Wed Dec 4

Pamela went Wednesday afternoon.

Thur Dec 5

Saw Mr. Parsons and son in car??.  Had chance of job at Tickner’s Heath.  It’s the 3rd job I’ve had offered me.  Did washing.

Fri Dec 6

Went to village to get money.  Did not go out today.

Sat Dec 7

Mummy’s day off.  Did not go out.  Mummy showed me a lovely present.

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