Cynthia’s Diary – December 22 – 31, 1940

Sun Dec 22

Did not go out today.

Mon Dec 23

Went to Horsham.  Bought presents.  Had tea in Cotswold. List (or Lots) Xmas card.

Tues Dec 24

Christmas Eve.  Filled Pam’s and Wendy’s stockings. Went to Alfold and Cranleigh.  Saw soldiers.  Also spoke to two Royal Artillery, arranged date.  Also spoke to sentry.

Wed Dec 25 Christmas Day

Had plenty of drink, chicken, pud etc., had party.  June came. Played piano with Daddy.  Impersonated.

Thurs Dec 26 Bank Holiday

Boxing Day.  Had more fun.  Eric came.  Went in car to Cranleigh.  Went to Mrs. Burk Myers.  Borrowed shoes!

Fri Dec 27

Saw Eric.  Went to Three Horseshoes.  Also to Railway and Onslow.  Had sherry, port, ginger wine.  Came home in car.  Eric came.  Laddered stocking 5/-.  Saw Joy???  Daddy went back today.  Had present off Dennis 6/6.  Saw Tony.  Hitler did not bomb us Xmas.

Sat Dec 28

Did not go out.  Played cards.  Won 3 ½ . ??

Sun Dec 29

Saw Ganga.???  Eric came in car.  Stayed late.  Saw Ben and Bucket.  Cleaned windows.

Mon Dec 30

Have a cold.  Allen Green is ill.  Did ironing.

Tues Dec 31

Poor little Lucky died this afternoon.  I think Ken was cruel to him.  Could have gone to pictures with Dennis, Feathers, —–.

Let’s hope the War will end soon!!

At last 1940 is over. Let’s hope peace will be restored this time next year!!

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