Cynthia’s Diary – May 26 – June 8, 1940

Sun May 26

It was national day of prayer.  Had two shots with Feather’s gun.  Tried to find secret doors.

Mon May 27

Got Fred Hartley’s,  Molly Hartley’s autographs.  Saw Fred.  Saw Feathers.  Posted Mummy’s letter.  Found spider in bedroom.

Tues May 28

Teemed with rain.  Did not do much at all.  Today just played around.

Wed May 29

Went a ride with June.  Got off (flirted) with two police in car.  Also about 5 lorries of soldiers.  They held us up.  Made date.  Also lots more.

Thurs May 30

Played tennis with Phyl, Renee, Joan, Joan Ellard, Pamela and John.  Also Bertie, etc.  Had fun, saw Feathers and fellow who waved.  Other evening saw Fred.  He gave girl a lift.

Fri May 31

Had general knowledge test.  Saw a few people.  Saw Fred, John, etc.

Sat Jun 1

Washed my hair.  Went to flicks.  Saw Wallace Beery in “Thunder Afloat” and “Daughter of the Tong”.  Had lift in Mrs. Hill’s car going and in her husband’s car back.

Sun Jun 2

Had a bath.  Wrote letter to Mummy.  Had a nice lazy day.  Enjoyed myself.  They think Will Farley has been killed.

Mon Jun 3

Saw Bob.  Said Hello.  Went a walk in evening.  Saw Jimmie and Billy, fished with them and Jean.  Saw Basil etc.

Tues Jun 4

It was a glorious day today, good to be alive.  The Beans have got measles.  R and P  say there’s a rumour someone does not like me.

Wed Jun 5

War is getting worse.  My lucky day!  Had chance to go to flicks in Cosery, but went played tennis with Flood, Joan, Pamela, etc.  Had lift in Sonja’s Uncle’s car to school.  When I went to tennis had lift on Boys Motorbike.

Thurs Jun 6

Did not do much today.  Bought a T.1d, and also put 1d toward Navy.

Fri Jun 7

Air raid.  Had a spelling bee.  Our team won.  Mr. Brettell says I make a fine team captain.  Fred passed us in car.  Had ride lorry.

Sat Jun 8

Boiling hot day.  Sun-bathed. Also swam in river, rescued a bucket.  Renee got soaked.  On Friday a letter from Ray and Mummy.

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