Cynthia’s Diary – May 12, 1940

Sun May 12

Mommy’s day off.  We were going to play tennis but it was too cold. So stayed home.

Mon May 13

Went to Phyllis’ to tea.  Went walk, saw Stuart.  Got free ride in bus coming home.  Saw Doug and Eric.  Went walk had cig.  Talked a lot.  They said they were going to take me boating.

Tuesday May 14

Played tennis with Foo, Pat, Maisie and Billie.  Had fun, took snaps with my camera.  Went to dance RAF in evening.  Jolly good.  Doug’s band playing.  Not many partners, Phyllis came to tea.

Wednesday May 15

First aid volunteer.  Also Auntie Pat, Pam, Pat and Wendy, went on stretcher, in cars and ambulances.  Good fun.

Thursday May 16

Renee, Joan, Barbara, came.  Renee said she called for me to go to dance.  Went to the flicks Wednesday evening saw

Friday May 17

Went to Granada.  Went on stage in disappearing act with the famous Jasper Magee.

Sat May 18

Had chance to go to pictures with Ronnie Wood, a friend made date.  Shipyard Sally a cowboy film.

Sun May 19

Saw several people

Mon May 20

Came back to Alfold.  Came Horsham Way.  Paid about 2/6 extra.  Saw F.  Boy was my case heavy.

Tues May 21

Went to school.  Did not get lift in her car.  Saw postman.  Had chicken for dinner.

Wed May 22

It rained, girls turned back and went home, Miss Grose moaned Feathers shot rabbit.

Thursday May 23

Got letter from Horace.  We have found out Fred goes Boy a Donkey way.  I have an idea, someone likes me.

Friday May 24

Went  and watched celebration at village school.  Also took autograph book to Fred Hartleys.  Saw his wife.

Saturday  May 25

Went to flicks.  Saw Gulliver’s Travels and I Belong to the Desert.  Saw Fred.  Boy did he stare.  Saw “Under Two Flags” and “Charlie Chan in Reno”.

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