Cynthia’s Diary – Jun 9 – 22, 1940

Sun Jun 9

Went swimming this morning with Renee etc., had spectators.  Sunbathed.

Mon Jun 10

Got off with (flirted with) soldier from France, he wanted to know the way to Painsville Farm.  Went to flicks with June ssaw “The Chinese Biengolo” and “Should Husbands work”.  Borrowed Basil’s Bike.  Saw Roy.

Tues Jun 11

Saw visitors.  Impersonated!  Saw boys etc.  Heard planes.

Wed Jun 12

Got off with (flirted with) soldier, spoke.  Went haymaking.  Saw several people.  Borrowed Joan’s bike.  Saw soldier with .  Got off with boys, also 2 in car and 1 on bike.  Fred left for America.

Thurs Jun 13

Played slow-ball against village team we won, saw Sable.  Two soldiers in car asked way to Horsham.  Did haymaking.

Fri Jun 14

Man in car asked way to Horsham.  No haymaking. Saw boys. Basil etc.  Did not go flick.

Sat Jun 15

Washington sailed for U.S.A.  Went to flicks saw Roy.  Also Colorado Ranch with Gene A. and Dark Journey Conrad Veidt and  Vivian Lee.

Sun Jun 16

Had fun today, wrote letters.  Did some ironing.  Had a bath.  Saw boys, Basil etc., had 2 yolks??

Mon Jun 17

FRANCE gave in at 12 midnight.  We may go to U.S.A. etc.  Went play slow-ball with girls, saw soldiers.  None of our girls showed up.  Had letters from Daddy with 10/- each.

Tues Jun 18

Miss Baker was accused of being a spy because she drew picture of church.  Bought Pamela dress??

Wed Jun 19

Pam’s birthday.  She had parcel, 16 presents.  I played tennis with Joan Flood, Renee, also Molly and Bob!  Had some sweets, dress and bathing costume etc.

Thurs Jun 20

I am going to ask Mummy if I can go to U.S.A. as they have granted it now.

Fri Jun 21

Had letter from Mummy.  Went to the pictures saw Dorothy Lamour in ——- Journey and another film spy one.  Saw some gypsies and soldiers, asked way to Cranleigh.  Had cigs.  Had lift in Bertie’s car.

Sat Jun 22

Went ride on bike, saw Mrs. Rose and Robertson, Don.  Tons of cars packed with luggage leaving Brighton.

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